ISPA Tournaments

ISPA Supported or Sanctioned Tournaments

Every year the International Segway Polo Association sanctions or supports tournaments around the world. Tournaments range in size from local group events such as the California Classic held in the famed Silicon Valley area of California to large scale multi-national events like the WOZ Challenge Cup (World Championships of Segway Polo) and the European Championship.

ISPA Woz Challenge Cup

What: The Official World Championship of Segway Polo
Where: The location changes each Championship
When: Summertime
History: The first ever match, known as the Woz Challenge Cup, was established in 2006 when the Silicon Valley Aftershocks (creators of the tournament and named after Apple co-founder and long time Segway Polo player Steve Wozniak) played the New Zealand Pole Blacks in Auckland, New Zealand, with a result of 2-2 tie.
Why: To unite all Segway Polo teams to compete under ISPA regulations at the internationally renowned World Cup.
Teams: Participating teams are ranked and pooled, and a draw is conducted to form each group.
Organiser: 2006 – Auckland, New Zealand; 2007 – California, USA; 2008 – Indianapolis, USA; 2009 – Cologne, Germany; 2010 – Barbados; 2011 – California, USA; 2012 – Stockholm, Sweden; 2013 – Washington DC, USA; 2015 – Cologne, Germany; 2017 – Hemer, Germany; 2019 – Stockholm, Sweden

ISPA European Championship

What: The Official European Championship of Segway Polo
Where: The location changes each Championship
When: Any time
History: Often held in conjunction with the ZURICH Cup
Why: To determine the best Segway Polo team in Europe
Teams: Open to all teams, unless limit is reached with Europe-based teams
Organiser: 2016 – Denia, Spain; 2018 – Kelims, Belgium; 2020 – Balve, Germany

Klingen Cup

What: Klingen-Cup of Segway Polo
Where: Solingen Downtown. Played on four pitches within a beautiful setting
When: First held June 11-13, 2016. There are plans to make this an annual event
Why: To compete in as many games as possible.  Open to 12 teams, which play a ‘Round Robin’ and four games per day
Teams: Open to any team
Organiser: Segway Polo Bergisches Land, also known as the Blade Allstars