Appreciating the excitement surrounding Segway Polo currently, it is more important than ever before to emphasise ‘Maintaining Safety’ needs to be a key objective of new Clubs.

Other objectives may include:

  • To maintain safety and ensure a duty of care is given to all members
  • To ensure all members receive fair and equal opportunities
  • To provide an environment within which members enjoy being a part of
  • To offer coaching and competitive opportunities
  • To promote the sport of Segway Polo
  • To continue acknowledging Segway Polo as a ‘Sport of Equals’
  • To nurture the sport in line with ISPA guidelines, whilst appreciating the wider Segway Polo Community

ISPA will support any new player, team, Club and/or even Association, so as to support the growth of this exceptional sport in the best interests of the Segway Polo Community.

Between the collective of Board Members and players themselves, no matter what the question or assistance required, every effort will be made to offer relevant guidance and support.

Please email [email protected] for information.