SEGWAY POLO: The New 21st Century Sport For Those Of All Abilities

Whilst already popular throughout other European countries and USA, Segway Polo is fast approaching the forefront of the new and alternative sports sector.  Since no specific fitness level is required to play, barely any age restrictions and with all equipment provided, it makes the sport accessible to all and a ‘Sport of Equals’.

Similar to horse polo, hockey and bicycle polo, the sport encompasses so many other sporting attributes, making it appeal to a range of individuals and their capabilities.

Comments from others…

Steven Wozniak, Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway Polo Player and Co-Founder of Apple Inc: May 2015
“I’m really looking forward to partaking in my favourite pastime with old friends and am particularly interested to meet the new teams in the sport…It’s also great that the sport is being realised for what it is.  Aside from being fun and invigorating, it’s ultimately a ‘Sport of Equals’.”

Malcolm Freeman, MD of Oxygen Graphics, Chairman of Rugby Round Table & Team GB Player: June 2015
“I’ve had more fun than I expected while learning to play Segway Polo in the few months since I first stepped on a Segway. Being part of a team and learning new skills and tactics together has developed a passion and determination to become a great Segway Polo player.”

Mike Bushell, BBC Presenter: April 2015
“Rarely have I enjoyed a sport quite so much so quickly and Segway Polo is one to watch. It’s one where those of any fitness level can take part, making it suitable for various purposes such as recreational hobbies, corporate team building days or group parties.  It’s also one in which players can excel relatively quickly and with little experience, whilst it won’t break the bank.  This really is a Sport of Equals.”