The governing body of Segway Polo is known as the International Segway Polo Association (ISPA) and was founded in 2007 purely by players. Whilst being primarily responsible for developing and enforcing a standardised set of rules, so as to enable the sport to grow in a safe, controlled and manageable environment, ISPA also facilitates and sanctions matches and tournaments.  It further promotes the sport and offers a membership scheme for the sport’s players, teams and enthusiasts.

By visiting the Board section, you will find information that relates directly to the ISPA Board of Directors.  The existing group of Segway Polo enthusiasts on the Board hold a collective experience spanning mergers and acquisitions, wealth management, marketing, business development, PR, product launching, client/brand/event management, sponsorships and graphic design in a range of sectors including horse polo, digital, IT, health and fitness, luxury brand, start-ups, lifestyle management, charity, blue chip, advertising, property and finance.

A separate Rules Committee was set up in 2014. It closely monitors and reviews the current rules and develops, tests and implements rule changes that ensure that the game remains safe and exciting.  This committee is made up of five players from Germany, UK and USA collectively.