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  Team Place/Country Note
Austrian National Team Austria 4th Woz Cup 2009, 3rd place 2011
Balver Cavemen Sauerland, Germany  7th place Woz Cup
Balver Mammuts Balve, Germany Winner EM 2011, Winner German Masters 2012, Winner Woz Cup 2012, Runners Up Woz Cup 2015
Blade Dragons Solingen, Germany  8th place Woz Cup 2015
Blade Gliders Solingen, Germany 4th place EM 2011
Blade Pirates Solingen, Germany Runners Up Woz Cup 2010, Winners Woz Cup 2011, Runners Up Woz Cup 2012, 4th place Woz Cup 2015
California Gold Rush California, USA  2008 Woz Cup Winner
Cedars Lebanon
Cornwall Segway Polo Team U.K.  9th place Woz Cup 2015
Dutch Dukes Holland
Easy Riders Helsingborg Sweden
Warwick Bears Warwick, UK
Famous Five Tring, Hertfordshire
Flyin’ Fish 2009-2011 Barbados  Winners Woz Cup 2009 and 2010, Runners Up 2011
Folsom Breakout California, USA
Funky-Move Turtles – 1st European Segway Polo Team (est.2007) Cologne/Bonn, Germany 3rd place Woz Cup 2009, 6th place 2015
GB Segway Polo Team U.K.  13th place Woz Cup 2015
Hamburg SegwayPolo Club Hamburg, Germany
Hannover Hot Wheels Hannover, Germany  18th place Woz Cup 2015
Helvetic Vipers Switzerland  16th place Woz Cup 2015
Hemer Butterflies Sauerland, Germany 4th Woz Cup 2009, 12th place Woz Cup 2015
Junkyard Dogs Oakland, USA
Lebanon National Team Beirut, Lebanon  5th place Woz Cup 2015
Lichfield Lions Lichfield, UK
Polo Bears California, USA
Pole Blacks New Zealand Original challengers for newly created Woz Challenge Cup in 2006, tied with Aftershocks 2:2
Rum Runners Barbados 4th Woz Cup 2010
Segway Polo Club of Barbados Barbados Club currently has two teams
SegwayPolo Denmark Denmark
SegwayPolo Finland Finland
SegwayPolo Munich Munich, Germany
Segway Trip Polo Spain  17th place Woz Cup 2015
Silicon Valley Aftershocks Silicon Valley, USA Original Segway polo players and creators of Woz Challenge Cup. Tied in first Woz Cup, 2006, and 2007 Woz Cup winner, 14th place Woz Cup 2015
Stockholm Blue Saints Sweden
Stockholm Saints /former Sweden National Team 2009-2011 Sweden 5th Woz Cup 2010, 4th Woz Cup 2011, 6th EM 2011, 3rd place Woz Cup 2012, Winner Woz Cup 2013, 3rd place Woz Cup 2015
Stockholm Vikings Sweden  15th place Woz Cup 2015
Swiss HT-Polo Switzerland
Team Barbados Barbados Runners Up Woz Cup 2013, Winners Woz Cup 2015
Team England U.K.  16th place Woz Cup 2015
The Originals California, USA
Vineyard Devils Austria 4th Woz Cup 2012, 10th place Woz Cup 2015
Warwick Bears Warwick, UK
Warwick Knights Warwick, UK
Warwick Warriors Warwick, UK
X-Turtles Cologne/Bonn, Germany  11th place Woz Cup 2015