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ISPA is the governing body for Segway Polo players and teams around the world.  Its primary responsibility is to develop and maintain a standardised set of rules, facilitating and sanctioning matches and tournaments, promoting Segway Polo, lobbying with regard to Segways, and providing benefits to its members.

Segway Polo is a relatively new and exciting team sport which originated from the USA in 2003.  With teams gathering from all corners of the world, aside from the USA, other countries with active players include Germany, Sweden, UK, Austria, Barbados, Spain, Lebanon, Switzerland, Holland and many others… Fast approaching the forefront of the new and alternative sports sector worldwide and since no specific fitness level required to play, with barely any age restrictions and suitable for both women and men alike, it makes the sport accessible to all and ultimately a ‘Sport of Equals’.


28.07.2021 An article of the German Westfalenpost from 28.07.2021 (in German language):

01.09.2019 We started the search for the organizer of the next tournaments. Look here

To the German “Segway Polo Bundesliga 2019”-site goes here.

25.06.2019 – The new rules in the version 1.8 can be found here.
This rules will be used at the World Championship 2019 in Stockholm.

2019 WOZ Challenge Cup (World Championships of Segway Polo) here.